m type      The company provides series of spare parts and installation service in spots or spots installation guide at customer’s inquiry with quick speed to reduce customer’s cost.

Terrace installation:

     1. There is at least left 4mm for grating bearing steel and 6mm space between Gratings, and 10mm space between the Gratings and cement.l type

       2. Use M type or L type clip to fix between the Grating and bearing steel; at lease 4 clips for each Grating; Use C type clip between non-bearing Gratings and at least 1 clip for each 1.8m length Grating.

Trench installation:

c type      1. The trench size should be times, if possible, of the lattice size to keep the completeness of the lattice and the lattice and the beauty of the trench;

      2. There should be at least 40mm space cement ground for bearing the Grating and 3mm-6mm space between the Grating and cement.





Building Decoration



Sewage  Treatment Deposite Pool Cover



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